Hurricane Damage to Your Commercial Building? DDI Can Help

Commercial Building Repair from Hurricane Damage

When major storms like Hurricane Ian strike southeast Florida, most business owners brace for the worst. From property damage to displaced employees, countless factors can affect the bottom line and delay reopening.

You can’t return to business as usual until your building is fully operable. Once the utilities are restored and you’re able to safely get to your business, it’s time to assess the damage. Here are 4 areas to check on your commercial building after a hurricane.


It’s not uncommon for hurricane force winds to tear or lift roofs off buildings. At the very least, most roofs experience shingle damage or even holes from flying debris.

If the roof damage is not immediately visible, look for signs of hidden damage. In the days and weeks after the storm, check your ceilings for yellowing, browning, or water stains and streaks – all indications that water has entered the structure.


When roofs, windows and doors are damaged by hurricane winds, heavy rains and flying debris can enter the building. Exposure to outside elements leads to water damage to flooring and drywall, not to mention potential mold growth.

Interior water damage is easy to spot. You’ll notice water spots or lines on walls and ceilings, soft or swollen drywall, cracked or peeling paint, and warped floors.


When the utilities are restored after a storm, power surges pose a big risk for electrical equipment. The inrush of current can overload circuit boards and various electrical components, wreaking havoc on your equipment.

Check your heating and air conditioning systems, appliances, elevators, computers, servers, and generators for signs of electrical damage. You might notice smoke, a burnt smell, visible burn marks, buzzing, or sparking.  

Structure and Foundation

Heavy flooding can cause a building’s foundation to shift and crack, compromising the structural integrity of the building.

Watch for cracks in your interior walls and exterior brick or stucco, as these can be signs of foundation damage. Stuck windows and doors or sagging floors can also indicate a foundation shift in your building.

DDI will repair your hurricane damage.

If your commercial building was damaged by the hurricane, call the experienced team at DDI Southeast. Our HVAC, roofing, and general construction professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you rebuild after the storm and get back to business. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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