Electrical Past Performance

13.8 KV Substation Upgrade, Jim Woodruff Powerhouse, Chattahoochee, Florida

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District

Provide all labor, materials and equipment to replace existing oil switches with new SF6 Switches, replace disconnect switches, 115 KV circuit switchers, bussing and ground grid. Provide new 15 KV armor clad feeders to existing turbines. Construct new concrete foundations and fire walls for power transformers. Construct new ventilation building and a new 20 foot deep, 100 foot long, 12-foot-wide x 10-foot-high underground poured in place concrete utility tunnel, including sheet piling, formwork, reinforcing steel and concrete. Modified existing control switchboard and replaced all control and relay wiring. Overcurrent relays, cable tray and Vacuum Circuit Breakers for existing switchgear.

Contract Amount: $2,701,000.00

Technology Retrofit (Fiber & LAN) & General Construction, Fort Knox, KY

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District

Design-Build project c/o of providing new Fiber Optic OSP network, new Fiber Optic switches, and over 900,000 LF of CAT 5 cable for existing school, including cable tray, racks, patch panels, network switches and data outlets throughout existing school campus. Performed architectural modifications and HVAC systems for new network equipment.

Contract Amount: $1,339.639.00

Modifications to Electrical Distribution System, Fort Knox, KY

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville, District

Constructed new Central Energy Plant for Fort Knox Hospital. Constructed new 2,400 S.F. metal building addition, concrete slab & foundations. Provided and installed (2) new 2500 KW (2.5 Mega Watt) 15 KV Generators, exhaust system and fuel storage facility Provided new Medium Voltage switchgear, Paralleling switchgear, batteries, new Cast Coil Transformers and 15 KV feeders Provided and installed new, Pad mounted transformer, new underground primary, Low Voltage Switchgear, building lighting and power systems. Replaced over 5 miles of overhead conductors, poles, transformers, reclosers, switches, secondary risers and aerial drops. Replaced and disposed PCB contaminated oil filled pole mounted and pad mounted transformers.

Contract Amount: $ 3,531,536.00

John Kerr Powerhouse-Substation Upgrade, Boydton, Virginia

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District

Major substation upgrade & replacement. Provided & Installed 26 new SF6 Circuit breakers, new bussing, structural steel, grounding counterpoise. Constructed new concrete foundations, pads. Demolition and disposal of existing oil filled substation circuit breakers, buss, structure and foundations.

Contract Amount: $2,903.659.00

Electrical Upgrades, Area B, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District

Replaced existing loop-fed 6.9 KV distribution system with new 15 KV distribution System. Provided and Installed New 100 MVA Power Transformer in existing substation. Coordinated complex sequence of construction utilizing new and existing pad mounted switches to sequentially replace existing medium voltage cabling with new 15 KV cable, duct banks, street crossings, concrete and asphalt saw cutting, demolition and patching. Installed new pre-cast manholes, new cable racking, insulators, cable fire proofing, grounding counterpoise, concrete encased duct banks, terminations, load break and dead break elbows, Re-tapped existing pad mounted and unit substation transformers during numerous scheduled power outages in a sequential order. Replaced existing switchboards, panel boards and dry type transformers in over 60 existing buildings on Wright -Patterson AFB.

Contract Amount: $3,916,000.00

Buena Vista Pumping Station, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District

Construct new storm water retention pond, including over 150,000 cubic yards of excavation. Construct new poured in place concrete pumping station, including excavation, formwork, reinforcing steel and concrete for vertical turbine pumps. Provide and Installed (3) new 250 HP vertical turbine pumps. Provided and installed new structural steel, miscellaneous metals, asphalt road & parking lot. Installed a new electrical distribution system, new feeders and controls for pumping stations.

Contract Amount: $3,345,422.00

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility, Panama City, Florida

Phoenix Construction Services, City of Panama City Beach, Florida

Major expansion and modification to existing wastewater treatment facility. Provided new electrical distribution system including underground duct banks, manholes, feeders and I&C wiring, new Motor Control Centers, Switchboards and a 500 KW Diesel generator and fuel tank. Installed all instruments and controls for processing equipment. Provide and Installed Site Lighting.

Contract Amount: $1,858,000.00

Airfield Lighting Upgrade, Tyndall AFB, Florida

U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District / Phoenix Construction Services, Inc.

Replaced existing runway, taxiway and threshold lighting. Provided demolition of existing lighting and cans,5 KV cabling L-830 Isolation Transformers, and Constant Current regulators. Provided and installed new underground duct systems, grounding counterpoise, duct banks, manholes, and new 5 KV L 824 Type C cabling. Replaced existing Airfield Lighting Control Panel with new Crouse-Hinds Airfield Lighting computer-controlled control panel and display board. Installed new Constant Current Regulators in existing vault.

Contract Amount: $1,766,257.00

Replace Power Transformer, Substation T-44, Moffett Field, California


Replaced existing Power Transformer with new 100 MVA Power Transformer. Constructed new concrete foundations and modified existing concrete foundations. Completed project 5 weeks after delivery of new Power Transformer.

Contract Amount: $1,315,000.00

Electrical Utilities & Site Repairs, USDA research facility, New Orleans, Louisiana

U.S. Department of Agriculture, New Orleans, LA

Replaced existing 15 KV Air insulated Outdoor Walk-In switchgear with new 15 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type Walk-In switchgear. Replaced existing elevated steel switchgear structure with new structure. Installed new concrete encased duct banks and new 15 KV feeders. Replaced numerous 480 Volt switchboards with new switchboards. Installed approximately 12,000 SY of parking apron with 650 Flex concrete utilizing boom mounted concrete pump. concrete demolition, excavation & disposal.

Contract Amount: $929,434.00

Peak Shaving Generators, Camp LeJeune, North Carolina

Department of the Navy, NAVFACENGCOM

Provided & Installed 1500 KW 15 KV Enclosed Diesel generator and Peak Shaving switchgear. Constructed new concrete foundations, installed new concrete encased duct banks, 15 KV feeders, excavation and demolition of existing pavement.

Contract Amount: $ 835,934.00

Electrical Past Performance