Why You Need an Air Purifier in Your Home

Why you need an air purifier in your home

With as much time as we’re spending inside these days, the air quality inside your home matters now more than ever. Installing an air purifier in your home is a great way to ensure the air you’re breathing is fresh and clean.

Air purifiers use a system of fans and filters to remove harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen, and pollutants from your home. The clean air then circulates back into the room, and the process repeats several times per hour.

There are two main types of air purifiers.

  • Whole house air purifiers – Installed at the air handler of an HVAC unit, a whole house air purifier uses your existing ductwork and fans to improve the air quality throughout your entire house.
  • Room air purifiers – These portable standalone units filter the air in a single room, and are powered by an electrical outlet.

5 Benefits of Air Purifiers

1. Relieve respiratory issues.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, removing common allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and smoke from your home can provide relief from respiratory symptoms. Air purifiers can decrease the amount of these particulates inside your home, thereby reducing airway responses such as asthma attacks or sneezing.

2. Reduce household sickness.

Many common illnesses like colds or influenza are spread through the air and close personal contact. While air purifiers can’t help with close personal contact, they can help clear the air by trapping and preventing the spread of airborne germs and viruses. For the best results, be sure to fit your purifier with a certified HEPA filter, and practice good hygiene like washing your hands and disinfecting hard surfaces.

3. Improve your sleep.

Have you ever tried to sleep with a stuffy nose or incessant cough? It’s not exactly restful. Removing common allergens will not only improve respiratory issues but will also improve your ability to sleep. This is especially important if you share a bedroom with your pet (and his dander).

As an added bonus, the fan of a room air purifier can act as a noise machine, releasing white noise into your bedroom and lulling you to sleep.

4. Freshen the air.

Sometimes your house just stinks. Whether it is last night’s dinner or your teenager’s soccer cleats, unwelcome odors can linger in a home. Air purifiers absorb unpleasant scents, leaving your home smelling fresh. Look for a purifier with carbon or charcoal filters if odor absorption is your top priority.

Air purifiers also neutralize odors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) often found in paints, aerosol sprays, and air fresheners. VOCs are linked to headaches, nausea, and breathing problems.

5. Remove chemicals.

Even the cleanest, newest home has harmful chemicals in the air. Houses with a basement have higher levels of radon, and homes close to busy highways are exposed to vehicle exhaust.

Even household cleaning products emit harmful chemicals, which is why your bathroom cleaner makes you cough. Air purifiers can trap and filter these chemicals out of your home’s air.

Contact DDI Southeast to install an air purifier!

An air purifier is not just an investment in your home, but also in your health. Reduce allergy symptoms, improve sleep, and boost your overall wellbeing by adding an air purifier to your home today.

The team at DDI is ready to help you breathe easier with the installation of an air purifier. Contact us today!

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