When Should I Change Air Filters?

DDI Southeast in Clay County Florida Helps You Decide When to Change Air Filters

As HVAC professionals in the Clay County area, we get a lot of questions about filters – different types of air filters, when to change air filters, and how to replace them. Regularly changing your air conditioner’s air filter is one of the simplest ways to keep your unit in optimal working order and avoid costly air conditioning repairs. 

Air filters keep airborne contaminants and debris out of your HVAC equipment, allowing air to flow unobstructed through the ducts and system. Clogged and dirty air filters can cause your unit to work too hard, resulting in higher utility bills and a home that’s never cool enough.

Generally speaking, you should change air filters:

• Every 30 days for flat-panel filters

• Within 90 days for pleated filters

• Wash and dry reusable filters every 90 days

However, you might need to change filters more frequently than the above recommended schedule.  

5 Questions to Help You Decide When To Change Air Filters

Your air filters can become clogged and dirty very quickly depending on several factors. When considering how often to replace your AC’s air filter, ask yourself these questions.

1. How is your outdoor air quality? 

Outdoor air quality affects indoor air quality. Do you live in or near a city with lots of commuter traffic? Are there factories or processing facilities nearby? Is there never-ending road construction? If so, plan to change your air filters more frequently due to excessive outdoor pollutants.

2. Do you have allergies or asthma? 

If residents in your home suffer from allergies or asthma, you’ll need to change air filters more often to help clear the air. This is especially true during the spring and fall, when seasonal allergens are at their worst. 

3. Do you have an indoor pet? 

If you are a pet owner, you know all too well that your furry friend’s hair and dander can find its way into the smallest places. This includes your AC air filters. Homes with indoor pets should replace filters more often than homes without. If you have a pet that sheds seasonally, you’ll need to replace an additional filter during that time as well.

4. How often do you use the unit?

Depending on your climate and comfort level, you might not use your unit as much as another person. Homes in milder climates may only use their unit a few hours a day for just one season, while other climates require near constant use. The more you use the AC unit, the more frequently you’ll need to change your filter.

5. How large is your home? 

Larger homes circulate larger amounts of air. Therefore your filters will need to be changed more often in a large home than in a smaller residence. 

More Questions About When to Change Air Filters?

If you have questions about replacing the AC filter for your unit, the HVAC professionals at DDI Southeast would be happy to offer guidance. Our technicians check and change air filters as part of our preventive maintenance visits in Clay County and surrounding areas. We can set up a filter replacement schedule that best fits your home. Let’s chat!

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