It’s Maintenance Season! 3 Reasons to Schedule Your Fall Preventive Visit

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Fall Preventive HVAC Visit

Fall is the perfect time to perform maintenance on your home, both inside and outside. While you’re busy repainting trim and decluttering closets, don’t forget about your residential HVAC system.

As the temperatures start to drop in Clay County, it’s time to assess the condition and performance of your HVAC unit. Here are three benefits of scheduling your fall preventive maintenance visit.

1. Start off clean.

HVAC components accumulate debris as they filter and remove humidity from the air. Even with the best air filters, particulates can build up inside your system and lead to issues like foul odors, short cycling, frozen or clogged lines, and electrical issues.

During preventive visits, not only do HVAC technicians inspect your system, but they also clean it. Maintenance visits include cleaning of evaporator coils, condenser coils, drain lines, blowers and more. The techs will even help replace your dirty air filter.  

2. Be prepared.

The majority of HVAC breakdowns happen during the first system cycle of the season. Most residents of northeast Florida don’t turn on their heaters until November or later when the average lows reach 55 degrees. You don’t want to wait for the first chilly night to find out your system is malfunctioning.

Regular preventive maintenance allows technicians to catch small issues before they become large breakdowns. During your fall maintenance visit, technicians thoroughly inspect your system to ensure all components are working correctly and efficiently. Regular maintenance also allows a technician to become familiar with your unit over time and be on the lookout for complications that might be specific to your brand.

3. Improve efficiency.

If you want to see a return on your preventive maintenance investment, just look at your utility bill. Simply put, a clean HVAC unit functions more efficiently than a dirty one.

A poorly maintained system must work harder to warm your home, often cycling more frequently and using more energy. Regular care of your unit will ensure that it is running at optimal performance and efficiency, as well as increase its overall lifespan.

Stay warm this fall with DDI Southeast!

Our team of experienced HVAC professionals will inspect your system and make sure you’re ready for this year’s heating season. Contact us today to schedule your fall preventive maintenance visit.

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