Build Your Dream Home with DDI Southeast

Do your 2022 plans include building a new home? If so, the team at DDI Southeast is ready to help put your plan into action.

Founded in 2007 as a general construction firm, DDI has over a decade of experience in residential and commercial building projects. Our client-focused approach and highly-skilled team have your new home construction covered from start to finish.

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality, communication and innovation, allowing DDI Southeast to provide its clients with an unparalleled experience.

Top Quality

With over 30 years of experience in home building, our team brings expertise to all of our residential construction projects. We follow best practices in custom homebuilding every step of the way, from the very beginning of site preparation until we hand over your new house keys.

It’s our top priority to provide quality in both service and product. Our team’s collective knowledge and commitment to excellence ensure your new home will be a quality build that’s made to last.

Open Communication

Building a new home is a marathon, not a sprint, and open communication with your builder will help you cross the finish line. The DDI team is in constant communication with our clients, discussing the next steps and performing regular walk-throughs on site. As your builder, we work with outside vendors, coordinate with subcontractors, and discuss how any changes might affect your budget.

Our project managers help set realistic timelines and communicate when those timelines might be delayed or revised. When issues arise, our DDI team communicates quickly and efficiently, providing explanations and solutions to move forward.

Innovative Ideas

Custom homes vary as much as their future residents, with no two being the same. The DDI team enjoys proposing unique ideas for your home and will work alongside the architect during the design phase to help bring your vision to life. Our passion for innovation keeps us current on home building trends to provide design and construction insight to our clients.

While extra costs and delays can’t entirely be avoided, our team takes the initiative to proactively anticipate challenges and creative solutions. Our project managers constantly look for strategies to keep your new home construction on schedule and within your budget. 

DDI will make your dream home a reality.

The construction team at DDI Southeast is ready to use our dedication and experience to build your dream home. Contact us for your custom new home construction!

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