The Best Way to Prepare Your AC for Hurricane Season

The best way to protect yourself from hurricane season in Green Cove Springs is with a surge protector on your AC unit.

Florida residents are no stranger to hurricanes and the damage they bring. During hurricane season, June 1 – November 30, powerful winds and unrelenting rain can lead to costly damages and months of rebuilding.

A common issue facing homeowners after a hurricane is damage to their air conditioning unit from power surges. The best way to prepare your AC for hurricane season is to protect it from power surges.

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How do power surges happen?

Power surges occur when power is restored after an outage, sometimes caused by a malfunctioning transformer or lightning strikes. During a hurricane, or any powerful storm, power outages result from strong winds.

Hurricane winds can knock down trees, power lines and utility poles, leaving entire cities in the dark and power lines void of electrical current. When power is restored, electrical current rushes into the lines, called an inrush, wreaking havoc on appliances like your AC unit. 

How do power surges cause damage?

Most electronics and appliances cannot handle handle extreme power fluctuations. An inrush of current above an AC unit’s normal voltage can cause an increase of heat within the system. This heat causes damage to the circuit boards and other electrical components.

Major power surges, like during a lightning strike or when power is restored, can cause permanent damage in an instant. But smaller surges, which happen every day when your AC cycles on, can cause damage in tiny increments that accumulate over time. These small surges may not disable your system in one shot, but they can shave years off its lifespan.

How can surge protectors help?

When sudden increases in voltage occur, a surge protector detects the extra current and diverts it through your home’s grounding path. This redirection of power prevents excessive heat and resulting stress on the electrical components of your AC unit, saving your system from damage.

Keep your AC safe from surges!

Protect your AC system this hurricane season by installing a surge protector. This summer, DDI Southeast is offering a surge protector special to our clients!

  • $279 for the installation of your first unit
  • $100 for each additional unit (for homes with 2 or more AC systems)

Don’t let a malfunctioning AC unit be one more thing to worry about during the next hurricane. Call us today to schedule installation of your surge protector, and rest easier knowing you’ll be ready for whatever the wind blows your way.

Ready to protect your AC from hurricane damage? Call us to schedule your surge protector installation today!

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