Ask The Experts: Custom Built Homes

Are you thinking about building a custom home in the Clay County and Green Cove Springs area? With more than 30 years in residential and commercial building, our construction team has the experience to guide both first-time and seasoned homeowners through the entire building process.

While building a custom home can be quite the undertaking, it is important to take time to do some research to see if new home construction is a good fit for you. Here are four common questions we are asked about building custom homes in Florida.

1. Who creates the plans for a custom home?

DDI Southeast is a design-build firm, meaning our team will deliver both the design and construction of your custom home. Our project managers and construction team will work with you to design the house of our dreams, working with you every step of the way to layout the house plan, floor plan and finishes.

A word of warning – do not purchase plans online. Online plans are often not up to code for Florida construction, not to mention their excessive cost. Use online plans as a jumping-off point to determine what you’re looking for, then work with our team to bring your vision to life.

2. What’s the average timeline for constructing a custom home?

In ideal circumstances, the construction phase for a custom home lasts 6-10 months from initial site dig to close. This does not include the permitting phase prior to construction, which typically takes 3 months.

However, there are always variables to keep in mind. The larger and more complex a home is, the longer it will take to build. Weather can affect a building timeline, as well as last-minute changes to the building plans. There are also challenges in the construction industry right now, such as supply chain issues and labor shortages, which impact building timelines.

3. How much does a custom home cost per square foot?

This question is the hardest to answer, as the price per square foot depends on the size of the home and selected finishes. Two homes with the same square footage but different choices in flooring, countertops, fixtures, and landscaping will have vastly different prices per square foot. We never build the same home twice, so no two homes have the same price.

If we must put a price tag on it, we’ll defer to The online service states the 2021 average cost to build a home in Florida was $110 per square foot, with a wide range of $60 to $150 per square foot on average. However, this does not take into account the rising cost of building materials and labor in 2022.

4. In what areas of Florida do you build?

DDI Southeast builds custom homes in Clay County, St. Johns County, and Duval County.

DDI is ready to build your dream home.

Our experienced construction team has your custom home covered from start to finish. We enjoy getting to know each client and working together to bring a vision to life. Contact us to start making your dream home a reality.

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