5 Ways Homeowners Can Save With AC Preventive Maintenance

AC Preventive Maintenance helps you save in the long run

If you’re a homeowner, you have a lot of line items in your budget. Between the mortgage, utilities and general upkeep, it can be hard to find ways to cut back on spending. While some expenses are inevitable, air conditioning repair doesn’t have to be another item that has you emptying your pockets.

Maintaining your air conditioner with preventive tune-ups can actually help homeowners save money. Here are five ways AC preventive maintenance keeps money in your pocket.

1. Keeps your unit running longer.

Just like annual checkups help you stay healthy and live longer, regular AC maintenance extends the life of your unit. The average air conditioning unit lasts 12-15 years, depending on the size and frequency of use. AC preventive maintenance will extend the life of your unit, helping you get the most out of your investment.

2. Prevents costly breakdowns.

Like any major appliance, your air conditioner is bound to experience small glitches from time to time. Regular preventive maintenance can identify these glitches and stop them from becoming something much larger, more destructive and more expensive to fix. In most cases, AC technicians can fix minor issues before they have a chance to hit you where it hurts – your wallet.

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3. Cuts energy bills.

Remember those inevitable small glitches? Not only can they lead to larger issues, but they also put additional strain on your system. Poorly maintained AC units work too hard to cool your home and use more energy than necessary. Preventive maintenance helps make sure your AC system is running efficiently and at optimal performance, which in turn leads to lower monthly utility bills.

4. Stays covered under warranty.

Unfortunately, even with regular preventive maintenance, issues can arise. Most air conditioning manufacturers require proof of annual maintenance for warranty repair claims. Scheduling and completing regular preventive maintenance will keep you in compliance with your system’s warranty, should you ever need it.

5. Prevents unnecessary home damage.

We’ve all heard some version of the same story – a friend’s malfunctioning AC system leaks water while they are on vacation, damaging the floor and costing thousands in home repair costs. A well-maintained AC unit is less likely to experience the type of issues that lead to property damage. AC preventive maintenance doesn’t just save you money on the unit itself, it can also help prevent costly damage to your home and belongings.

AC preventive maintenance will save you money!

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