AC Emergency? What to Do Before the Repair Technician Arrives

What to do in an AC Emergency

Air conditioners are the unsung heroes of summer. When functioning correctly, ACs work mostly behind the scenes to keep homeowners cool and dry all season.

But like any appliance, air conditioners can break, leaving you with a sweltering house. If you’re in the midst of an AC emergency, call the experts and follow these steps before the technician arrives.

5 Things to Do While Waiting on an AC Technician To Arrive

1. Turn off the AC unit.

Continuing to run a malfunctioning air conditioner puts additional stress on the unit, and could lead to more damage. If the problem is a blown capacitor or overheated compressor, continuous power might cause serious failure and a more expensive repair. Is the unit frozen? Powering down the system gives it time to thaw before the technician arrives.

2. Clear the area.

Think about where your air conditioner is located, and if it’s easily accessible for an AC technician. Is it in the attic surrounded by boxes and Christmas decorations, or in the garage hiding behind pool floats? Also check the outdoor unit, and clear any branches or leaves that have accumulated. Clean up the space around your unit to allow the technician room to work.

3. Cool it down.

Temperatures rise very quickly in a home without air conditioning. Maintain as much cool air as possible by closing your blinds and drapes to reduce sunlight in the house. Turn on ceiling fans and utilize box fans to circulate air. If you have a dehumidifier, get it running to reduce moisture in the air.

4. Take notes.

Keep track of details for your technician, such as when the unit stopped working or anything you noticed prior to the breakdown. Note the age and brand of the unit, as well as the maintenance dates. Provide details on the manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, or maintenance agreement.

5. Drink up.

Hydration is key when the temperatures rise. Keep plenty of cold drinks on hand, and don’t forget to offer one to your AC technician.

Call DDI Southeast during your AC emergency!

Don’t let a broken AC ruin your summer fun. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly and efficiently repair your unit, and take pride in providing fast, professional service. Call us today!

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent unexpected AC emergencies. Want to learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Services? Contact us today!

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